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Collection Campaign Northeast Switzerland Rescue Services IG Nord

Northeastern Swiss rescue services with REGA carry out collection campaign. Medical supplies are the focus here.

Due to the catastrophic medical care situation in Ukraine, the Community of Interest of Northeastern Switzerland Rescue Services (IG NORD) has decided to offer help, activating its network and collecting medical material for the care of injured people. An “ad hoc” fundraising campaign among paramedics and rescue organizations was also launched to purchase needed materials. Private as well as supplier networks were also activated, which have meanwhile generated the second aid deliveries in the amount of 8-10 pallets of medical aid material each. This could include material for surgical interventions, wound care, material for immediate traumatological treatment (hemostasis), infusions, medications and injection material, hygienic protective material and much more.
Association “Humanitarian Emergency Aid Ukraine” now takes over the logistics and brings the collected relief supplies to where they are needed.

Relief goods are on the way

In cooperation with the logistics company “Traveco” we are delivering humanitarian aid supplies to the East these days. The destination is the southern Moldavian town

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The first few days

Emergence of the Association “Humanitarian Emergency Aid Ukraine” Emergence of the association “Humanitarian Emergency Aid Ukraine” – President Hans Oppliger in an interview. https://youtu.be/Y4NpmjXDvK8

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